Vestig Analytics is a different kind of expert service company for lawyers and landowners providing consulting, analysis and expert testimony for oil and gas related matters in Appalachia. We draw our expertise from an operating oil and gas company, with full land, title, GIS, engineering, and division order departments and from nearby Penn State University. What this means for you is that we bring actual working knowledge to the problem as well as extensive academic resumes and expertise.

Vestig Analytics understands the underlying economics, customer needs, and competitive dynamics of the energy industry and its strength is its ability to quickly understand your needs and frame them in a business setting. Our founders, staff and consultants are all industry veterans who have spent their time in the records rooms and are as comfortable giving you a high-level review as a ground-up, acre-by-acre analysis.

Contact us today to discuss your audit, valuation or litigation needs for royalty or working interest owners.